CSESoc CompClub

CompClub is an organisation under UNSW CSESoc that promotes computing to high school students through free workshops.

About Us

CompClub is a portfolio under the student run UNSW organisation CSESoc that promotes computing to high school students throughout the year. By running a variety of freeworkshops throughout the year, we aim to create a fun, collaborative environment for students to develop their interests and hone their programming skills along like-minded students.

Our Workshops

Outreach Workshops

We provide a variety of workshops to schools all over sydney covering a range of topics including: introduction to programming, virtual reality, web development, game development and cyber security. We cater for both beginner and intermediate level of ability across students in yr 7-12. Contact us to book a workshop for your school!

Winter School

Every year, we host a Winter School that extends over several days right here at UNSW to teach students a range of computing skills and topics.

Summer School

During the summer holidays, CompClub runs a free 5 day summer school with each day covering a different aspect of computing.