CSESoc CompClub

CompClub is an organisation under UNSW CSESoc that promotes computing to high school students through free workshops.

About Us

CompClub is a portfolio under the student run UNSW organisation CSESoc that promotes computing to high school students throughout the year. By running a variety of freeworkshops throughout the year, we aim to create a fun, collaborative environment for students to develop their interests and hone their programming skills along like-minded students.

Our Workshops

2020 Virtual Winter Workshops

This year we will be providing 3 free workshops in an online format instead of in person! We will have a series of videos covering three workshops:

  • Game Development (HTML/CSS)
  • Cyber Security
  • Web Development (Javascript)

There will also be a livestream covering an introduction to Python during the holidays, where students can take part and ask questions in real time! We will be releasing the workshop videos on a schedule, starting on Monday 6th July.

There is no cost or registration needed and is open to all high school students of any ability. We will be releasing all our virtual workshops on our new site: https://compclub.csesoc.unsw.edu.au

Simply make an account and you will be able to access the workshops once released!

If you are looking for a flyer, here’s one we prepared earlier!

Outreach Workshops

We provide a variety of workshops to schools all over sydney covering a range of topics including: introduction to programming, virtual reality, web development, game development and cyber security. We cater for both beginner and intermediate level of ability across students in yr 7-12. Contact us to book a workshop for your school!

Winter School

Every year, we host a Winter School that extends over several days right here at UNSW to teach students a range of computing skills and topics.

Summer School

During the summer holidays, CompClub runs a free 5 day summer school with each day covering a different aspect of computing.